Friday, February 27, 2009

Dan News: Solomon's Grave available for Pre-order now!

Hi, everyone. OK, right to the big news:

My debut novel, Solomon's Grave's English language release, from Dragon Moon Press, is set for March, that's next month!

The back blurb:

Nathan Dinneck's new role as pastor may be shorter than he expects.

For thousands of years a secret has been hidden from the world and protected from those who covet its power. Popes and Kings have sought it. Theologians and historians have debated its very existence. In every generation since the days of Solomon, one person is chosen to keep its secret, protect it from an ageless group claiming the treasure for their own dark god. After millennia of searching, they are finally closing in on their prize.

Evil has followed Nathan home to Hillcrest, Massachusetts. Nightmares of temples and blood sacrifice, visions of angels and cemeteries foreshadow a dark battle to come. In the balance hangs the lives and souls of those chosen to protect history's most holy relic, perhaps even the gateway to heaven itself.

Makes you want to kick a puppy, doesn't it? OK, maybe a cat..... (no, that part's not on the back cover).

Now that we're on the doorstep of its English-language debut, I you might like to read a couple of the opening chapters. Over the next week or so I'll be posting them on my website (along with the gorgeous cover art):

Feel free to share, spread the word! And MORE IMPORTANTLY:

You can Pre-Order your copy now!

If the link doesn't work (never does in an email), there's another on my website. There are links everywhere, trust me. :-)

Remember, the more pre-orders it gets, the better it will look to the booksellers in the future. You might even be able to request it via your local bookstore - ISBN's etc are below, so it might be in the system now. Everything depends on how well a book does right out of the gate, so let's make this one Big! Yea! Three... More... Downs! (sorry, fell into Facing the Giants mode just then....)

Also, my publisher is offering a free PDF copy of the entire novel to anyone who would like one right away if you'd like to consider writing a review either for your magazine, webzine, blog, etc. Let me know and I'll get it right to you. Or, if you would like a hardcopy to review, let me know and when the book comes back from the printer I'll be happy to send one along.

Solomon's Grave
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Dragon Moon Press (March 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 189694499X
ISBN-13: 978-1896944999

In Other news:
If you go to my website and scroll down a bit as you'll find the cover for the upcoming new issue of Cemetery Dance (#60), ( which will feature my story, "Living by the Highway." Looks to be in the #2 slot, story-wise, which is quite an honor. Coming soon...
Finally, the anthology Coach's Midnight Diner 2 (Back From the Dead Edition),, with my story "Box" as one of the lead-off Editor's Choice Award stories, for which I'm quite honored. I'm quite happy to have it featured in this unique anthology, which mixes horror, mystery and science fiction with Christian themes. They're taking pre-orders now for a discount ($15 instead of the cover price of $20) - click on the link above (or the image below) for more information. Take a look at the table of contents and you'll see I'm surrounded by a great company of other authors.
Special Hey to everyone I met and talked to at Boskone convention couple of weeks back, including my fellow panelists. Thanks to the organizers for inviting me back!

OK, that's about it. For timely, up-to-date news, visit updated very often.

Now go and order Solomon's Grave! Hurry!!!