Friday, November 21, 2014

Plague of Darkness Releasing Tomorrow, Thursday 11/20/14

Hi, everyone! Real quick update - sorry for those not on Facebook, I forgot to send this announcement via email earlier...

Tomorrow, Thursday 11/20, is the official release of my new novel Plague of Darkness!

Here's all the info fit to print (here, at least)

Print Edition:     $12.99
Kindle Edition:    $2.99
ISBN-13: 978-0983732945
258 pp

People hide their secrets in the dark. Sometimes, that same darkness is what will eventually reveal them.

Eight months after Saint Gerard's Episcopal Church closes its doors, the building has become the new home of Bill and Seyha Watts. The house, however, has plans for its new occupants. Trapped in a biblical darkness that can be felt, four people stumble through a surreal nightmare where the only escape is through their deepest fears and memories. Cut off from the outside world, they are prisoners of a power they cannot see, struggling to understand what is truth – and what is a lie.

Ok, keeping it brief and to the point! Hope you enjoy it...!