Friday, March 27, 2009

Solomon's Grave Officially Released!

Hi, just a quick note to let you know Solomon's Grave has been officially released (well, released, I found out through Amazon because my publisher's on vacation ). And, if you haven't ordered a copy yet, Amazon's got it on sale for 13.97 or some such weird amount. Everyone who pre-ordered (thank-you by the way!) is groaning now.. heh, sorry, not my call. Still, not sure how long the sale lasts. Haven't got my author copies yet, just the one I preordered from Amazon because I thought it would be a kick. Looks good! Even better, there's no author photo so you don't need to hide it from the kids.

Anyway, if you're curious, the link is:
or visit if the link doesn't wrap around much - I have plenty of links there, plus the first few opening chapters....

Also, quickly, I have three short stories coming out this year, two in magazines: Cemetery Dance and Shroud, and one in the anthology Coach's Midnight Diner: Back From The Dead Edition (which is being released any day now but still on sale). Scroll through for more info, including a very cool cover for the issue of Shroud I'm going to be in (along with a lot of other New Englanders).

That's it. I'll be doing signings, readings and all that soon, promise. Gotta run, though. Those of you who have a copy in hand now, or will soon, hope you enjoy it.