Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Dan Update

Hi, everyone. Some news tidbits:

* My newest movie review for Cinema Knife Fight is now up (http://www.cinemaknifefight.com/ in case the other link doesn't work), this month for the Drama/Fantasy film THE FALL (2006). Check it out when you can. If you don't go in today, it'll still be there, you'll just need to scroll down a bit.
* This past weekend I was invited by my neighbor Ned Utzig to participate in an event he and his merry band at Mad Ned Productions participate in every year. It's called 48 Hour Film Project, where amateur filmmakers are assigned a genre, character, line of dialogue and prop at 7pm on Friday, and must write, film and polish as much as possible then deliver a 5 minute movie in only 48 hours! All entries are then judged within various categories. It's a national event, held throughout the year at various cities. We were part of the Manchester NH competition. Most of the crew is driving up to NH tonight for the 9pm screening of our film, "Contaminant" along with all the other entrants. Keep your eyes peeled to my webpage at www.dankeohane.com or my facebook thingy to see how we did, and for a write up on the weekend itself, which was a blast. You couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with and learn from either. I learned a LOT on the process of filmmaking in such a short time.
* Last June I was interviewed for the CT television show Page One (where I learned you should always get a haircut before being interviewed on TV") with Zita Christian. Well, the other day I accidentally discovered that the show is now on the web, broken into three parts. If you're interested, here are the links: (sorry for the sudden font change - Outlook is being a putz...)
Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

I think it went pretty well, until the end when I read the opening pages of the book, which is Page One's Custom. Somehow the prologue to Solomon's Grave doesn't lend itself to reading aloud or something, lol. Anyway, enjoy.....
That's about it. Visit http://www.dankeohane.com/ for more info as they come about.