Friday, November 21, 2014

Plague of Darkness Releasing Tomorrow, Thursday 11/20/14

Hi, everyone! Real quick update - sorry for those not on Facebook, I forgot to send this announcement via email earlier...

Tomorrow, Thursday 11/20, is the official release of my new novel Plague of Darkness!

Here's all the info fit to print (here, at least)

Print Edition:     $12.99
Kindle Edition:    $2.99
ISBN-13: 978-0983732945
258 pp

People hide their secrets in the dark. Sometimes, that same darkness is what will eventually reveal them.

Eight months after Saint Gerard's Episcopal Church closes its doors, the building has become the new home of Bill and Seyha Watts. The house, however, has plans for its new occupants. Trapped in a biblical darkness that can be felt, four people stumble through a surreal nightmare where the only escape is through their deepest fears and memories. Cut off from the outside world, they are prisoners of a power they cannot see, struggling to understand what is truth – and what is a lie.

Ok, keeping it brief and to the point! Hope you enjoy it...!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dan News 10/6/14 - no, really!

Hi, everyone. Yea, this newsletter is still around, though it's been - what - 3 years since the last one? Facebook has made me lazy. Not even sure how up-to-date some of the emails are. But, sending this out because I actually have news, believe it or not!

1. Plague of Darkness, a new novel, coming soon
2. Talk and Signing at Tewksbury Public library tomorrow night
3. Pre-Orders being taken for new anthology, Madhouse, with a new short story of mine
4. Reading/Signing in Princeton October 27th
5. Down the road a little

1. My newest novel, Plague of Darkness, a long time in coming, will soon be released. It may be as soon as next month.I'll send an update once it's available

2. I'll be at the Tewksbury Public Library tomorrow night, Tuesday, October 7th, from 7:00 - 9:00PM, along with nine other members of the New England Horror Writers, as part of the library's first annual Merrimack Valley Horror Author Fair (it is October, after all). We'll each spend a few minutes talking about our writing then meet & greet at the table and sign some books. Refreshments & door prizes abound. Tewksbury Public Library: 300 Chandler St, Tewksbury, Massachusetts 01876

3. I have a new short story, "My Dearest Gwendolyn," written under my pseudonym G. Daniel Gunn, appearing in an upcoming anthology called MADHOUSE. This anthology is quite unique and is shaping to be quite the event. There is an over-arching story of a remote asylum in the desert where a John Doe begins to speak after decades of silence, beginning a plague of madness that begins spreading throughout the hospital. Interspersed through the main arc are stories written by other authors which stand alone but also add to the overall storyline. The illustrations alone are enough to give you nightmares.
    Madhouse is currently up for pre-order at various levels, from $1 for a simple PDF copy to paperbacks, signed hardcovers, even deals where you can also be included as a character in a story. It's a pretty clever way of doing it. Check it out, some of the special deal are already sold out. Visit for pre-ordering information and all the information on the anthology and the authors involved.

4. On Tuesday, October 27th, I'll be doing a reading and signing, likely from Plague of Darkness as well as other writings, and tasting wine at The Thirsty Lab, 206 Worcester Road, in Princeton MA. They do a special wine-tasting event the last Tuesday of every month where they bring in local authors to do readings of their work, interspersed with tastings of wine, cheese and craft beers. Last month the speaker was local poet Claire Golding. Since this month's October, it's my turn. :) Come on down (or up, to mountain country) for what should be a fun, interesting time.

5. OK, that's it. Sorry it's been so long. As you can see, things have started up again after a too-long hiatus. There should be news about another reading/signing in Worcester at Annie's Book Stop sometime in November. In the meantime, I'm trying to be heads down on the next book, the long overdue sci-fi novel called Plague of Locusts. I might try my hand (again) at NaNoWriMo as well next month. If I do, might just put on my Gunn hat and write a zombie novel.

As always, if you'd like to be taken off this list, just let me know. Not a problem at all.