Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Quick Update From Your Friendly Neighborhood Scribe, April 5, 2016

Hi, everyone. Just a little what’s-going-on in my modest little writing world:

This weekend, April 8 – 10, I’ll be attending, as an author guest, the Supermegafest Comic Con in Marlboro MA, with other members of the New England Horror Writers. Supermegafest is an annual, and local, comic/horror/sci-fi convention featuring celebrity guests (including Burt Reynolds, Kevin Sorbo, and many, many more, including a reunion of the cast of film The Warriors), dozens of comic artists and writers, and of course us lowly authors. We’ll be selling our books and speaking at panels. Some of us are also offering a limited number of attendees free fiction editing services. If you’d like to check it the whole shebang, you can find all the information atwww.supermegafest.com  ! I’ll be there all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning (after which I’m heading out to little Kevin’s christening!).

On the writing front, the much-anticipated, and amazingly illustrated, MADHOUSE, a shared-world anthology of stories edited by Benjamin Kane Ethridge and Brad C. Hodson, and which features my G Daniel Gunn story “My Dearest Gwendolyn” is completed, with copies on their way to early supporters as I type this. It will be available soon via all major outlets, likely mid- to late-April. If you’d like to see what it looks like, check out my blog entry at www.dankeohane.com.

Not sure if I said this last time, but another G Daniel Gunn (…that’s me, by the way, in case you were wondering) story, “Shattered” co-written many moons ago with the amazingly talented Paul Tremblay, will be appearing later this year in the anthology Borderlands 6. More info as it develops.

On sad news, Samhain Publishing, the folks who published L.L. Soares’ and my novella NIGHTMARE IN GREASEPAINT, are, alas, going out of business. At least, that’s the story this week. They haven’t completely shut the lights off yet. The ebook and related print anthology CHILDHOOD FEARS are still available in the usual places, but the future is uncertain. Such are the ups and down of the publishing biz.

Finally, been heads down working on two different novels. I’m currently halfway through the third draft of PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS, my first science fiction novel (under my real name, Daniel G Keohane). I wonder why it took so long to write a sci-fi story, considering I love reading these. Once this is in the can and in the hands of my beloved proofreaders, I’ll jump back in with revisions to my recently-completed (first draft only at this point) G Daniel Gunn horror novel, LOST IN THE WOODS (still not sure if that’ll be the final name, but so far I haven’t found a better one yet). This one’s a hoot.

That’s it, I think. Thanks for all your support and interest in these little updates.
Dan Keohane