Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dan News: Wheels and Heels, Unremembered, Reviews, Books and Ghosts

Hi, everyone! OK, I’m way behind (as usual) getting this out, and the first is pretty timely (aka running out of time) so without further ado:

What’s inside:
Wheels & Heels Against MS this weekend!
New Story Published –to Benefit the Jimmy Fund
Movie Reviews
Novel status
Wicked Haunted Coming Soon

Wheels & Heels Against MS this weekend!

The MS Challenge Walk is fast approaching: My sister Anne and brother Paul are officially signed up (their 12th year together as team Wheels and Heels Against MS – Paul’s 15th overall) and ready to take on another 50 miles in their continuing fight to stamp out Multiple Sclerosis. The walk begins this weekend, beginning Friday September 8th.

Multiple Sclerosis is a frightening disease that affects the central nervous system.  The symptoms may be mild (such as numbness in the limbs) or severe enough to cause blindness or paralysis. The severity and specifics of the symptoms of MS can’t yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are giving hope to all affected by the disease.

Your donations to the National MS Society are the key to new treatments.  They hope that you can continue to be a beacon of hope for all who battle this disease.  No donation is too small!  
As in the past, there are two ways you can donate.  

·         The fastest and most convenient way would be to click on Paul’s name or Anne’s at:

·         You can also mail a check, making it out to The National MS Society

Their addresses are:
                        Paul Keohane                         Anne Murphy 
                        2 Jillian Rose Dr                    13 Apache Way 
                        Oxford, MA 01540                Tewksbury, MA 01876

Paul & Anne offer you their heartfelt thanks!

New Story Published in NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP –to Benefit the Jimmy Fund
So I am way behind posting this (was stalling, waiting for the kindle version, but it looks like there’s not going to be one for a while – print-only for the time being)

“There is no greater horror in the world than watching a loved one battle cancer ... especially if that loved one is a child. But we are not powerless against this disease, and some of the world’s finest purveyors of nightmares have come together to fight a monster far scarier than anything they could ever dream up. Necon E-Books is honored to present NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP, an anthology of horror bedtime stories from which 100% of all proceeds will be donated to The Jimmy Fund.”
Edited by P.D. Cacek and Laura J. Hickman, the lineup is amazing. My newest G Daniel Gunn short story “A Life Unremembered” is included here. Check out the anthology and give to a good cause here:
Movie Reviews

So I’ve done a few movie reviews / commentaries since we last talked.

ALIEN: COVENANT (2017) – actually this is a commentary on where this overall origin story of ALIEN (1979) is heading, and to be un-modest, it’s one of my better articles (completely ridden with spoilers, though, be warned)

Coming soon, reviews for the new KINGSMAN film, and GEOSTORM, which looks like a hoot (end of the world style)

To keep tabs on all my reviews and where to find them, you can visit and click “Movie Reviews” or go directly to

Novel Status

What’s up with the fiction writing? Well, briefly, I have two completed novels in the can, PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS by Daniel G. Keohane and LOST IN THE WOODS by G Daniel Gunn. I’m currently out there marketing to agents, etc. Getting some promising nibbles, but just that – it’s a long process. But pressing forward. They’re really good – I like them at least, lol – so they’ll find a home.

I haven’t started a new project yet, simply because co-editing a new anthology is sucking up my time (see below). But that’s getting close to being done, and am going to be jumping into a project soon. Need to write every day, and I’m starting to getting very angst-ridden lately about not. Editing is fun, but it’s not writing! Not really... No, it’s not. It’s editing!

Wicked Haunted Coming Soon

I’m co-editing the new New England Horror Writers anthology with Scott T Goudsward and David Price, my third with these guys after WICKED TALES and WICKED WITCHES. The new one, coming this Fall, is WICKED HAUNTED. Ghost stories of all types. More as it develops, but it’s coming along very nicely.

OK, there’s probably more, but if so, keep an eye on my website or Facebook, for up-to-the-minute news. And, as I always say but never follow-through, I’ll try to get these out a little more often.
Thanks for your interest!

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